Bridal bouquet made from maps © Anthony Paul Photography

Paper Flower Bouquets

Fresh flowers are lovely, but why not choose something a little bit different for your bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets? Handmade paper flowers are beautiful, personal, and will last forever!

Choose a paper material that says something to you – for my wedding, I chose old maps and atlases to reflect our love of travel, but for you it might be sheet music, the pages of your favourite book, comic or magazine, scrapbooking paper with a meaningful design, or paper of any colour or pattern you choose. Match your wedding colour scheme, contrast your colour scheme, or have a rainbow-coloured array of pretty paper blooms!

Of course, flowers can be given and received for any number of reasons, not just weddings! My handmade paper flowers can be made as Valentine’s or Christmas gifts, thank you presents, or any other occasion you can think of!

handmade paper flower decorations

Paper Flower Decorations

Whether for a wedding, a special event, or just to have around the home, decorations made from paper flowers can last forever, and don’t need watering!

You can purchase my handmade paper flowers individually or in small bunches to make your own unique decorations and ornaments. It’s completely up to you! I made some beautifully simple table decorations for my wedding by twisting the stems around wine bottles, and by displaying them in bunches in jars and wine glasses filled with buttons to match my colour scheme.

But there are so many ideas out there! Without the wire stems, handmade paper flowers make gorgeous table confetti. They can be twisted into floral wreaths, headdresses or jewelry. Vintage birdcages are all the rage right now, and my paper flowers would look amazing twisted among the bars.

Handmade crochet buttonhole © Anthony Paul Photography

Crochet Buttonholes

My handmade flowers aren’t just for girls. I also create wedding buttonholes for the groom, his best men and ushers, family, and for anyone else in the bridal party you choose.

My crochet wedding buttonholes are individually crocheted by hand in the yarn colour of your choice. Crocheted leaves can also be added in traditional green or any contrasting colour.

Secured with a sturdy badge pin, these buttonholes – or boutonnières, if you will! – really finish off a vintage or retro, handmade look and make a lovely keepsake for the groomsmen and families of the bridal party.