New Handmade Flowers Pinterest Board

Handmade flowers pinterest boardDo you use Pinterest? It’s a kind of social bookmarking website. You can create virtual pinboards, onto which you can ‘pin’ images, websites and movie clips of all the interesting things you find on the internet.

Like quite a few other ‘pinners’, I started using Pinterest when I first got engaged and created pinboards to collect images of wedding dresses, hairstyles, decorations and accessories. I also use it to pin recipes, knitting patterns, crochet stitches, crafts and fitness inspiration, but there are a thousand different uses!

You can find me on Pinterest here: I’ll confess that the idea to create a bouquet of handmade flowers for my wedding wasn’t a new idea – it was something I found on Pinterest.

Handmade Flowers Pinterest Board

So today I started a new board to accompany this website: a Handmade Flowers Pinterest board. Pinterest works really well as a way to share inspirational ideas, so I hope you’ll ‘like’ and ‘repin’ my handmade flowers and share the love! I won’t lie, it would be great to get a few orders out of it, too!

The problem with Pinterest is that your boards quickly become saturated with pictures and links to projects you’d like to do, but realistically will never actually do. It’s nice to dream about all the craft projects you’d complete if you had the time, the clothes you’d make if you knew how to sew, and the decor you’d have in your dream home if only you actually lived in it!

My Pinterest boards are full of ideas that will never become a reality, but when I discovered other peoples’ pictures of handmade flowers, I knew that I had to have them for my wedding. It took a lot of planning, material gathering, crocheting, sewing and lots and lots of glueing and folding, but I got there in the end!

I started making my paper handmade flowers months in advance – but I know that for some people that just isn’t an option thanks to busy home lives, work, kids, and other things that get in the way. Lots of us have the best intentions to get things done, but realistically end up leaving things to the last minute!

So if you like my handmade flowers Pinterest board but don’t think you have the time, the skill or the patience to make something similar yourself, that’s where I come in! My handmade flowers are available to buy in any quantity – from a single flower, to a bridal bouquet, to a whole wedding or event full of paper flowers, I can create the everlasting flowers you see on the Pinterest board, in any colour combinations or patterns you like. I can also crochet flowers to use as buttonholes and corsages.

Contact me for a quote to make handmade flowers

All you need to do is drop me an email at or use the form on the contact page. Tell me your vision for your handmade flowers, what colours or materials you’d like to use, and I’ll be happy to provide a quote. Handmade flowers are different, everlasting, personal and cost much less than what you might be expected to pay for fresh flowers!

Until then, happy pinning!



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