A Handmade Information Age Bouquet Fit For a Queen

As well as being a creator of handmade paper flowers, I am also a science geek.

As a graduate in Biological Sciences from the University of Warwick, I am a science communicator by day, and a crafter by night. So imagine my joy when I read a news story combining both passions: science AND handmade paper flowers!

It all started with a tweet. Not just any tweet, but the very first tweet made by Elizabeth II, Queen of England as she attended the opening of a new ‘Information Age’ gallery at the Science Museum in London.

Using the official @BritishMonarchy Twitter account, she said:

Here’s a picture of her sending her tweet:

Good on you, ma’am!

But it doesn’t end there.

The Science Museum has an ‘Inventor in Residence’, Mark Champkins (@markchampkins). Mark has possibly one of the best jobs in the world: he gets to invent things inspired by the museum’s collections. These, in turn, inspire the public to think about science in new and creative ways. Amazing!

He’s invented many fascinating items, including a pencil that tells you how many words you’ve written as it wears down, Christmas cards containing pine seeds that can be planted to grow a new Christmas tree, and a birthday present for Sir Stephen Hawking: a neon lamp in the shape of the path light creates as it disappears into a black hole.

A handmade Information Age bouquet fit for a Queen

For the Queen, Mark made an absolutely stunning Information Age bouquet of handmade paper flowers! But not just any old paper – to reflect the gallery’s celebration of innovation in communications and technology, this Information Age bouquet was handcrafted from ticker tape and computer punch cards – the paper ‘hard drives’ of the early computing era. Some of this ticker tape came from the Science Museum’s 1956 Ferranti Pegasus Computer, which – until an even older one was restored back to working order – was the world’s oldest functioning computer.

If you’d like a handmade paper Information Age bouquet fit for a Queen, please get in touch with your ideas. I don’t think I can source original Pegasus ticker tape, but I will do my best to find the materials to best reflect the recipient!

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