My Handmade Wedding Bouquet – How it all Began

Handmade wedding bouquet made from maps
This handmade wedding bouquet was made from maps, atlases and the pages of travel magazines. © All Rights Reserved.

Seeing the pictures of my handmade wedding bouquet on Facebook, my friend Hannah said:

These are truly amazing!

Then Katherine said:

I NEEEEEED to know how you did this!!! Amazing xxx

Mark said:

Beautiful. Very clever.

And Sara texted me to say:

I thought [your bouquet] was incredible! You should set up your own company making them.

Well, I thought, with encouragement like that perhaps I should give it a go!

Handmade wedding bouquet

I’ll confess the idea of making a paper handmade wedding bouquet isn’t a new one: like many new brides-to-be I got a little obsessed with Pinterest and took the idea from there. Pinterest seems to be a place where you can endlessly ‘pin’ great ideas that you will never actually get round to doing…but I was so beguiled by these flowers that I was determined to see it through…

My husband Tom and I met while travelling in South America – Buenos Aires, Argentina to be precise. Five happy years later, we got engaged in Cape Town, South Africa, and just a few months before our wedding, Tom launched his lifelong dream to start his own travel company. With our passion for travel being such a big part of our lives, I decided to make my handmade wedding bouquet from old maps.

I started by scouring charity shops for old Ordnance Surveys. I asked around on Freecycle and was donated a number of atlases and roadmaps. I also tore out the pages of travel magazines and brochures that we’d picked up at various travel expos.

That was the easy part.

Then came the slow process of cutting up the paper I’d accumulated into perfect squares – I didn’t have a guillotine then so it was all done with a pair of scissors and a lot of patience! Each flower in the handmade wedding bouquet has five petals that needed to be folded individually, before being stuck together with my trusty glue gun and fastened with a button and a length of floristry wire for the stem.

Then the assembly.

For my bouquet, I purchased an oasis flower holder from my local florist and painstakingly trimmed and slotted in each flower by hand until I was happy with the result. My mum and matron of honour had the same flowers twisted into a simple yet elegant posy.

It took cumulative hours of work, but I was thrilled with the results!!

For any brides-to-be out there thinking of making their own handmade wedding bouquet, I say: if you have the time and the patience, go for it. It was a slow and laborious process, but I like to think that each and every flower I handcrafted was made with love, and the compliments I received from my friends and family were completely overwhelming!


If you don’t have the time, or the patience, or the skills to make your own handmade wedding bouquet: don’t do it. You could end up spending hours and hours toiling over something that you’ll never be happy with and that will simply add to the stress of your big day, which frankly – trust me! – you don’t need!

Instead, why not leave it to me? I’ve got the process down to a fine art and most importantly I have the glue gun, the guillotine and an enormous stash of buttons, as well as the contacts and the suppliers to source the materials for your perfect handmade wedding bouquet. I can deliver to anywhere in the UK and will listen to your ideas to create handmade flowers that match your theme or colour scheme.

Your perfect, everlasting wedding flowers are just an email away.

Oh, I also handmade all the buttonholes for the bridal party…but that’s another story!


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