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I’ve set up a Handmade Flowers Instagram!

I’m rather late to the party as people have been ‘instagramming’ for years. But, after setting up a Pinterest board for my handmade flowers, I’ve also decided to get on board with Instagram. The main reason is that I’ve finally got round to getting a new mobile phone with a decent camera and a data plan. I can now Instagram to my heart’s content!

Handmade flowers Instagram

Instagram is a another social network dedicated to photography. Taking inspiration from lomography – photos taken with Lomo film cameras – Instagram is different from other photo storing/sharing sites. Sites like Flickr allow you to store and share photos directly from your phone or camera, but with Instagram, the photos are all square rather than the usual landscape or portrait orientation.

Using the Instagram app on your phone or mobile device, you can apply different filters to your snaps. Give them a vintage look, enhance certain colours, make them black and white, or sepia, or apply any number of other effects. You can also use add-ons to add captions and stickers to your pictures – I haven’t quite worked this out yet, but I will! Photos can be taken from directly within the Instgram app, or photos you’ve taken with your normal camera or cameraphone can be edited to become Instagrams.

My Instagram account

My handmade flowers Instagram account will be used alongside my Pinterest boards to upload pictures of my work, and for other random snaps I take. Take a look at www.instagram.com/lisaabenjamin and follow me there!

I’d also like to see your handmade flowers instagram pics! If you tag your instagram photos with the hashtag #handmadeflowers, I’ll be able to find you and share the love for beautiful handmade flowers.

Leave me a message in the comments below and tell me your Instagram username. I’d also really like to hear which add-ons you like to use to edit and add text or stickers to your pictures.

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