Did you know that traditionally, first wedding anniversary gifts should be made from paper? 

Common first wedding anniversary gifts include a book, tickets to a show or sports match, or a print of a favourite photo. 

But what about a unique bouquet or posy of handmade paper flowers? These can be made in any colours or patterns you like, so why not choose something meaningful to the happy couple?

In the past I have made paper flowers as first wedding anniversary gifts to match the wedding colour scheme, the bride’s favourite colours, and in the case of one very thoughtful bridesmaid, I was asked to make one flower from each of three different maps – all of places special to the year-long married couple. 

Paper flowers last forever – a permanent reminder of the happy couple’s happy day.

If you’re a husband or wife looking for a paper first anniversary present for your partner, look no further! These handmade paper flowers also make a lovely gesture from bridesmaids, maids-of-honour, or friends. 

Contact me with your ideas of colours or patterns, and I’ll be happy to provide a quote!