Buttonholes and brooches

Crochet wedding buttonholes

My handmade flowers aren’t just for girls. I also create wedding buttonholes for the groom, his best men and ushers, family, and for anyone else in the bridal party you choose.

My crochet wedding buttonholes are individually crocheted by hand in the yarn colour of your choice. Crocheted leaves can also be added in traditional green or any contrasting colour.

Secured with a sturdy brooch pin, these buttonholes – or boutonnières, if you will! – really finish off a vintage or retro, handmade look and make a lovely keepsake for the groomsmen and families of the bridal party. Contact me to order your crochet wedding buttonholes!

Custom crochet brooches for any occasion

And buttonholes aren’t just for weddings! My crocheted flowers can be turned into beautiful brooches, lapel pins, hair ornaments or hat adornments for any occasion you choose. 

As a special offer, I also make a limited number of crochet Remembrance Day poppies each year. These are free of charge, but so as not to take away from the wonderful work of charities like the Royal British Legion (who make and sell the official paper poppies), I request that you send proof of a donation to an armed forces charity. Please contact me for more details about this. 

Small posy of red handmade paper flowers

Small bunches or individual paper flowers make beautiful table decorations.

handmade paper flowers made from maps

My paper flowers can be ordered individually to create your own beautiful decorations

My handmade wedding bunting © Sara Lyndsey Photography, used with permission

Handmade bunting in any pattern or colours you choose, for weddings, parties, children’s bedrooms and more