Crochet Remembrance Day Poppy

Remembrance day poppy for Royal British Legion or Help for Heroes
Handmade crochet poppy for Remmbrance Day. I do not charge for these poppies, but request that you make a suggestion donation of £5 to the Royal British Legion, Help for Heroes or another military charity. Please contact me if you would like one.

It’s that time of year again when a familiar little flower starts appearing on the lapels of newsreaders, politicians, and ordinary people on the street.

The poppy signifies, of course, Remembrance Day – the 11th November – on which we remember the end of World War Two and the servicemen and women of the armed forces who have died in armed conflict.

To mark the occasion this year, I have come up with this original design crochet Remembrance Day poppy. Crafted in soft poppy red merino cotton yarn, with a green merino cotton leaf, this poppy also features a shiny black button crocheted into the centre and a brooch pin to secure to the lapel of your favourite coat or jacket.

Free crochet Remembrance Day poppy with a donation to the Royal British Legion or another military charity

I couldn’t possibly make profit on these crochet Remembrance Day poppy pins – that would detract from the wonderful work of the Royal British Legion who devotedly sell their paper poppies each year to raise funds to help ex-service personnel. Instead, subject to availability (and how fast I can crochet!), I will be happy to give away a free crochet poppy to anyone who contacts me with proof of a donation to the Royal British Legion.To reflect the time taken and cost of materials I recommend a minimum suggested donation of £5 (UK delivery only, sorry!).

There are other very worthy charities who work with ex-service personnel too, so I will also provide a free crochet Remembrance Day poppy in exchange for donations to charities such as Help For Heroes, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Association, Combat Stress, Army of Angels and others on request.

Handmade Remembrance Day poppy pins

Incidentally, did you know that Royal British Legion poppies are all handmade too? The simple paper cut-out shapes and plastic fastenings were designed to be easy to assemble by servicemen disabled in the call of duty. Pretty cool.


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