Bridesmaid bouquets made from paper flowers

Bridesmaid bouquets made from paper flowers make a lovely change from fresh flowers for the bridesmaids at your wedding – plus they double as a bridesmaid’s gift they can treasure forever! 

My bridesmaid bouquets made from paper flowers tend to be smaller, posy-style bouquets to contrast with the larger round or teardrop-shaped bridal bouquet, but they can be made in any shape or style you like. 

Of course, they don’t have to be for a bridesmaid at all! These small hand-held posies also make perfect presents for flower girls, mothers and mother-in-laws and special friends who have helped you prepare for your big day. 

Bridesmaid bouquets made from paper flowers can also be made for anyone special, for any occasion. Just let me know what colours or patterns you prefer and I will craft a beautiful bouquet for you. 

For orders or enquiries, please email your questions or requirements to me here, or contact me via the form here

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