Bridal bouquets made from paper flowers

Fresh flowers are lovely, but why not choose something a little bit different for your bridal bouquet? Handmade bridal bouquets made from paper flowers are beautiful, personal, and will last forever!

Choose a paper material that says something to you – for my wedding, I chose old maps and atlases to reflect our love of travel, but for you it might be sheet music, the pages of your favourite book, comic or magazine, scrapbooking paper with a meaningful design, or paper of any colour or pattern you choose. Match your wedding colour scheme, contrast your colour scheme, or have a rainbow-coloured array of pretty paper blooms!

Of course, flowers can be given and received for any number of reasons, not just weddings! My bridal bouquets made from paper flowers can be made as Valentine’s or Christmas gifts, thank you presents, or any other occasion you can think of!

For orders or enquiries, please email your questions or requirements to me here, or contact me via the form here

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