A thoughtful paper wedding anniversary gift

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© Lisa Benjamin

Emma from Somerset was a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding in 2014, and with the couple’s first anniversary coming up towards the end of last year, she contacted me to commission a very special gift.

Traditionally, the first wedding anniversary is celebrated with paper – so what better present than a posy of beautiful handmade paper flowers!

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© Lisa Benjamin

Thoughtful Emma wondered if I could make three individual flowers for this paper wedding anniversary gift – one made from a map of London, one from a map of Somerset and one from a map of Iceland! She didn’t say what significance those three places had, but I’m guessing they are all places that are very special to the happy couple. How lovely!

The maps of London and Somerset were easy to find, but it took me a little while to source a suitable map of Iceland! I got there in the end though, and hand-tied with a raffia bow, and I was really happy with the resulting posy.

© Lisa Benjamin
Finding maps of Somerset was easier than maps of Iceland, but I got there in the end! © Lisa Benjamin

So was Emma, as she contacted me today to say, “Hi Lisa, my friend was blown away by the paper map flowers. She thought they were amazing!”

I’m so very glad you liked them, Emma, and even more importantly that your friend did too. What a thoughtful paper wedding anniversary gift!

Paper flowers make a perfect paper wedding anniversary gift – why not order a posy for a special friend, or even for your wife to celebrate your first anniversary? Contact me for a quote!

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